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Project Description

The WinJS Toolkit (#WinJSTK) is a set of classes and helper functions that help creating Windows Store applications in HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. The WinJS Toolkit also contains templates that you can add to Visual Studio to simplify creating new items in your solution.


The current version contains the following features:

Extension methods

  • String.format prototype

The WinJSTK class

  • WinJSTK.isConnected() function: Detects internet connection availability.
  • WinJSTK.composeMailAsync() function: Composes an e-mail message.


  • Item template for a WinJS class
  • Item template for About flyout
  • Item template for Privacy policy flyout


  • Charts

Getting started

Copy the winjs-toolkit.js file and paste it into your solution. Add a reference to it in your HTML pages and you are done!

To use the item templates run the setup.exe that copies the necessary files to your Visual Studio templates folder.

For the complete documentation, download the full solution from the Source Code tab, compile and start it. The solution contains not only the documentation, but also live examples and demos.

NOTE: This project currently has no releases, the latest version of the toolkit is always available in the Source Code tab.

Coming soon

The following features are planned for the next versions:

  • Item template for a class that manages the application settings.
  • Item template for a data source class.
  • Visual Studio code snippets.


The official Twitter hashtag for this project is #WinJSTK. Please use this hashtag to refer to this project.

This project was started by György Balássy. Please contact me, if you would like to contribute:

Follow me on Twitter: @gyorgybalassy
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